Heritage Tourism: Attracting Visitors To Your Small Town With A Stagecoach


Heritage tourism takes tourists on a trip back in time, whether it's through historical reenactments or exhibits honoring the past. If your small town has a proud history dating back to the Wild West or the American pioneer era, you may want to consider using this history to attract tourism and bring more money to your community. Purchasing an authentic reproduction stagecoach can be a great part of your new heritage tourism program. Here are just a few ways to use a stagecoach to help build your local tourism industry.

Guided Tours

If your town has several historic sites you want to show off, consider hosting guided tours of the area by stagecoach. This gives visitors a chance to feel like they are stepping back in time while getting a fun tour of your town. Schedule the tours at specific times each day of the week, and advertise online to allow people to purchase tickets in advance. During the winter, you can even use the stagecoach for holiday tours around the area.

Photo Shoots

People may enjoy dressing up in outfits from the Wild West or American pioneer days. You can put your stagecoach to use by making it part of tourist photo sessions. Have the stagecoach set up in a garage with a photo background that depicts your town in the past, and have plenty of period-appropriate costumes your visitors can dress up in. Have a professional photographer on hand, and print out the images right away to give your tourists a memento to take home with them. You might want to consider having custom frames produced with your town's name on them, as this creates an instant souvenir.

Private Rentals

Your stagecoach can also be rented out for private events, such as weddings or parties. Consider working with a local restaurant or banquet facility to put together a Wild West-themed wedding package, and include the use of the stagecoach in the package. The stagecoach can bring the bridal party to the wedding and reception, or it can whisk the happy couple off to one of the local bed and breakfasts in your town. Partnering with local restaurants for Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day gives tourists and locals alike a romantic way to spend these holidays. You can even create an anniversary adventure that includes a stagecoach ride and bed and breakfast accommodations.

Pay tribute to your town's history and get more people excited about visiting by creating fun events tailored to heritage tourists. Consult with local businesses to come up with other ways to make use of an authentic reproduction stagecoach, and work together to create other historical events to help build your new tourism industry. Contact a company like Arizona Stagecoach Manufacturing Co. to get started.


16 February 2017

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