Best Foods To Pack When Going On A Long Charter Trip


If you are going on a large charter trip on a bus, you are going to want to pack food with you. The charter bus will only stop for specific meal breaks, and they may not stop at locations where you enjoy the food. You may also have a different eating schedule than the one that the charter bus is going to follow, and bringing along your own food will help ensure that you are able to eat when you want. Here are some tips about what to bring with you on the bus and what to leave behind.

#1 Drinks

You are going to want to bring some drinks with you. Make sure that your drinks have tops that you can seal, such as caps. Don't bring things like juice boxes with you that you can't put a lid on because these can spill easily. Make sure that you can seal-up all of your drinks that you bring with you. Water bottles are great to bring with you because you refill them at restaurants when your charter bus stops.

#2 Individually Wrapped Snacks

Try to bring snacks with you that are individually wrapped and that you can wrap up all at once. For example, bring single servings and small bags of chips, cookies and crackers that you can eat in one serving. Or, packing snacks into single serving bags.

This will make it easier to clean-up as you go along. You can throw out each snack as you finish it, and reduce the amount of stuff that you are carrying around with you. If you bring a big bag of a single snack, you'll not be able to reduce the amount of food that you have with you over time.

#3 Finger Foods

Ideally, all of your foods that you bring with you should be finger foods. They should be foods that you can eat by just picking them up. Don't bring foods that are really messy or that will require the use of a utensil. You don't want to have a container of pasta with you and realize that you forget to pack a fork. Sticking to simple foods that you can pick up with your hands, such as raw fruits and vegetables, individually packed snacks and sandwiches will make it easier to eat and clean up after yourself.

Finally, make sure that you remember to bring some napkins. You may also want to bring some hand wipes or baby wipes as well. Be sure to bring a special bag just for your trash, as you may not be able or comfortable getting up and walking to the trash once you finish your meal. The key to bringing food with you on a charter bus trip is to keep the food simple and easy to make, and leave messier, complex and smelly foods at home. For more information about preparing for car services, contact a charter company in your area. 


30 May 2017

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