Who Needs To Have DOT Training And Why They Need It


The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires certain individuals to have training in the requirements of shipping hazardous materials (HAZMAT) before they can actively prepare loads for shipping. Ground shipping is the most common way to ship these loads because it is typically the safest method. If you are required to have the training but don't get it, the DOT can fine you and your company for the infraction.

Understanding The Rules

The US DOT has some extremely detailed and strict guidelines that cover HAZMAT shipments. The reason is simple, safety. Some of the materials that are shipped over the roads of this country are very dangerous and if they are not handled properly, they can cause damage, injury, and death to innocent people that are not aware of the danger. If you follow the rules, the odds of this happening are much lower and the risk to the general population is reduced. If you don't know the rules, you should not be working with these loads.

Who Needs To Have DOT Training?

The DOT says that anyone working in preparing HAZMAT loads for shipping needs to have the DOT training. From employees to managers, the training is required for anyone working with these materials. The truck driver hauling the load also needs the training but truck drivers also receive additional training because they are hauling the material and may have to deal with problems themselves. If a driver is not trained properly, he can be fined by the DOT and the company he is driving for may also receive fines.

What Is The Penalty For Not Getting The Training?

The United States Department of Transportation does not take their rules lightly. The fines for people handling, loading, and moving HAZMAT loads without the proper training can be as high as $77,000.00 per day that the training is not completed. The rules are extremely detailed and if you are not sure or have a question about a procedure, you should look up the rules or ask something that does know. Mistakes are not accepted for any reason so individuals working with these loads should take the rules very seriously.

Where Can I Get Training?

There are many private training companies that offer the DOT Training you need to work with hazardous materials and keep you up to date with any changes in the rules. The training is required yearly and if you are a new employee, you have 90 days to get the training and complete it with a passing grade.


7 September 2017

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