Setting Up A Fueling Operation For Your Heavy Equipment


Operating a business with a fleet of heavy equipment can come with its share of challenges. Moving machinery to locations, maintaining it in the field, and keeping fuel in a vehicle that can not just go to the local gas station and fill up. Setting up a system for fueling your fleet where it is at might be the best option but there are some things to consider.

Fuel In The Yard

A lot of businesses that operate a lot of heavy equipment have opted to set up fuel tanks in the yard where the equipment is stored. The tanks need to be approved for the fuel that they hold. The filling equipment, like the nozzle, hose, breakaways, and gauges, used in the system must meet legal standards. Once the system is in place, it can save a lot of time because equipment can be fueled up when it comes in or before it goes out. The tank and system should be installed by a qualified company, like Jet Fleet Management, LLC, that works with these systems so you can be sure that it meets all federal and local laws.

Fueling On The Go

Things can get a bit more complicated when you are fueling equipment out in the field or on a job site. The amount of fuel required necessitates a large tanker that has been set up to fill vehicles from. This means that you need to have the right nozzle and home but they are going to be set up differently. The hose needs to be longer and in most cases, it is on a reel that can unwind and rewind to store the long length you need to get around large equipment. A lot of times a mobile setup like this will use a special bulk nozzle rather than the small ones you see at the filling station when you gas up the car. These nozzles flow far more fuel, much faster so filling up a vehicle that requires several hundred gallons of fuel goes quicker. The tanker you are using needs to meet the legal guidelines and the driver needs to be properly licensed to move the fuel over highways and public roads.

Where To Get Fueling Equipment

There are quite a few companies that offer the parts you will need to set up a system to fuel your equipment. If you are working with a company to install tanks at your yard or farm, they can source these items and install them but if you need replacements they are available from vendors that specialize in fuel system parts. They often sell tanks, pumps, and all the parts that go with them so getting the right replacement shouldn't be difficult. If you do need to replace a part, it is best to have a technician come and do it so it is done right. Working with and around fuel of any kind can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly.


26 April 2018

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