Having A Destination Wedding? Organize A Shuttle Service For Everyone


Some couples that are planning a wedding may not want to worry too much about the details. But, you may be excited about handling most or all the planning while preparing for your wedding. If you intend on having a destination wedding, you will have extra planning responsibilities because every person attending will have to travel to be at the wedding.

While some guests will want to handle the travel planning on their own, you should not hesitate to help your family and friends by scheduling a shuttle service for the whole experience.


The first thing that you can handle is organizing a shuttle service to pick up family and friends from their homes. If you have a group of friends that know each other, you can have them all meet at the friend's house that is closest to the airport to make it easy and maximize savings. You can do the same for your family by encouraging your family to meet up at one relative's house.

Another situation in which you will be able to utilize a shuttle service is when dropping everyone off at home. If you are able to get people to meet up at one or two houses before the trip, you will only have to request shuttle service drivers to drop your guests off at one or two locations.


Aside from getting picked up and dropped off at home, your guests will need to be picked up from the airport. Some guests will rent their own vehicle from one of the airport car rental stations. But, you will likely have some people that just want to get a ride to their hotel. This is when you will benefit from getting a discount rate at a certain hotel to encourage a group stay.

Not only will this save money for your guests, but it will make things easier when it comes to scheduling a shuttle service because everyone can get dropped off at the same location.


The busiest times for a shuttle service are the departure and return dates. But, you may want to get shuttle service for your guests who do not have a vehicle. This is important when your wedding venue is farther than a short walk away from the hotel that everyone is staying at.

Organizing a shuttle service may take a lot of planning before the wedding, but you can set your guests up for a positive and stress-free experience by following these tips. For more information, contact a transportation service like Sundance Stage Lines


23 June 2018

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