4 Tips For Riding In A Helicopter When You're Afraid Of Flying


Whether it's an exclusive view of an attraction, transportation to a remote location, or even a sponsored work event, there are a few occasions when a helicopter ride might come into play. For a person with a fear of heights, the idea of flying in this type of aircraft sounds terrifying. While you might not necessarily cure your fear of flying, there are plenty of things you can do to make your ride more comfortable, and maybe even enjoyable.

1. Go With a Charter Service

If riding in a helicopter is part of your travel plans, you might want to consider reserving a helicopter charter to take in the sights, rather than a standard tour. Helicopter tours are on a more rigid schedule, as there is likely a paying customer waiting for your return. A charter gives you the aircraft for an allotted time. So, if you need to take a little longer to adjust before take-off or you want to take a break, the pilot has more flexibility. 

2. Keep Looking Up

It's cliché to tell a person not to look down when they are afraid of heights, but it's a valid suggestion for a couple of reasons. First, when you look down, you suddenly realize just how far away from the ground you are, which will send your fear into overdrive. Second, looking down too much when you have motion sickness, will only make you feel queasier. After all, most of the beauty is right in front of you on the horizon. 

3. Learn About Turbulence

Do yourself a favor and learn a little about turbulence. For someone who has a fear of flying, turbulence is thought to be a sign of trouble, but most often, it's normal. Turbulence is generally the result of warm and cold air colliding or the flow of the jet stream. Rest assured, that your pilot is equipped to handle it. However, keep in mind; helicopters typically experience less turbulence than large aircraft. 

4. Avoid Any Caffeine

Don't have a cup of coffee or soda before you get ready to take off. Caffeine can cause anxiety and jitters in a perfectly calm person, so if you're already on edge about flying, caffeine will only make your situation worse. For the most enjoyable experience, you want to remain as calm as possible. Enjoy a caffeine-free drink beforehand and save your other drinks until after you've landed. 

Riding in a helicopter is a truly memorable experience. Keep these things in mind and enjoy your journey.


21 July 2019

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