Ready To Start A Drop-Shipping Business? Find A Warehouse Or Storage Facility First


If you have started a business where you are purchasing goods or items in bulk, and are dropshipping the items or using other resale tactics, a warehouse lease option may be the best. Even if you aren't moving enough goods to fill an entire warehouse, there may be options where you can lease a portion of the warehouse. This is often the safest way to accept and ship out the items that you have because you aren't dealing with goods directly at your home. Here are some of the things to look into when you are ready to buy in bulk.

Warehouse Storage Options



You want to find warehouses that allow you to rent the space you need. Instead of a self-storage unit, this is a commercial warehouse where you have great protection for your items and the ability to store large items.



Look at the different local warehouse options to see what the most competitive rates are, what storage areas are available, and what type of restrictions and security each facility offers. Having a business in a busy place where others are there watching the property or their own goods can be very secure and helpful.



Insurance for Stored Items



Talk with the warehouse about their insurance coverage and liability concerns. They may have you sign an agreement that says they aren't liable for anything that you store at their warehouse. Regardless if they offer any storage or not, you want to make sure you have your own policy for the items. The products could get damaged, stolen, or there may be other complications. Have insurance to protect against any problems that could cause you to be out thousands of dollars or more.



Scheduled Deliveries, Pickups, and Security



Ask about loading dock areas if you worry about the security and safety of unloading a truck or shipment. You want to know that you are safe while you are unloading a truck, and many warehouses will have options that allow the trucks to pull into the building, without allowing others to get to the items inside of the truck.



If you are ready to take on a new business where you are selling large amounts of items and you need a lot of space, you first want to know where you will put the items when they start to arrive. Start looking for warehouse storage with these credentials right away. Likewise, contact warehouse storage facilities for more information. 




31 March 2021

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