Using An Intermodal Drayage Shipping Service


Managing the logistics needs of your company is easily among the most important responsibilities that you will have. For a small business owner, the process of learning about their options and the best practices for shipping inventory can seem overwhelming, but there are drayage service providers that can assist the company with meeting its short-distance freight and cargo shipping need.

Research The Load Size Limitations That The Drayage Provider Offers

There are load limit requirements that you will have to comply with when you are preparing shipments for the intermodal drayage service. This is particularly true when using a less-than-a-truckload drayage provider as you will only have a limited amount of the interior space of the trailer for your items. Reviewing these limitations can be an important step for allowing you to ensure that your items can be safely and efficiently sent to their destinations without the need to rent an entire intermodal trailer for it. Fortunately, these services will provide you with a detailed list of the requirements for cargo to be sent through the service, which can make it easy to avoid potential disruptions due to shipments that are too large.

Avoid Assuming Insurance Is Not Needed For Drayage Shipments

Drayage providers will typically specialize in short-distance hauls. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will allow this to lead them to the conclusion that insurance is not as important for these shipments due to the shorter distances that are involved. In reality, you should always have your items insured when you are shipping them. This will protect your company from unforeseen accidents or other instances where these items may be damaged as a result of an accident. Fortunately, the costs of insuring your shipments will be very affordable, and many intermodal drayage providers will offer insurance coverage to their clients.

Consider The Tracking Capabilities Of A Potential Shipping Service

The ability to track the items as they are being shipped is an important feature that can allow your company to quickly identify problems or to provide updates to customers. The tracking and reporting capabilities of shipping providers can vary greatly, and this will lead to a need for you to carefully review these capabilities so that you can choose a drayage shipping service that will be able to provide you with accurate tracking information throughout the haul. Some of these providers may use GPS tracking to provide real-time updates while others may only provide a log that details the progress that the shipment is making.

Reach out to a professional who provides intermodal drayage transport services. 


3 December 2021

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