Useful Precautions For Truckers Looking To Get Overweight Permits


If you work in the commercial trucking industry, some of your cargo may be so heavy that it falls outside regulatory weight standards. If so, you'll need an overweight permit. You'll have an easier time getting it if you follow a couple of simple rules.

Visit a Weigh Station First

Before you look at overweight permits for trucking purposes, you might want to have your truck and cargo weighed at an official weigh station. Then you'll know for certain how much weight you'll be hauling and then can figure out if an overweight permit is truly needed.

Weigh stations will be able to gather accurate totals in a short period of time. You'll have documentation too that you can use as a reference point when assessing overweight regulations in the particular area that you'll be driving around. If the total is above the accepted limit, you'll know a permit is necessary from a legal standpoint. 

Select the Right Permit Type

There are actually a lot of different permits available for truckers having to haul  heavy cargo that falls outside of the acceptable range. For instance, you have house moving permits, manufacturing moving permits, and super heavy load permits.

Each one of these permits has a particular purpose and criteria that truckers will need to honor. Go through these permits and find the one that's most relevant to the cargo that you'll be traveling with from one destination to the next. Then you won't be fined later when traveling across the country.

Figure Out if an Escort is Needed or Not

Along with overweight permits, sometimes carrying a heavy load in a truck will require an escort. This is where two drivers follow your truck in the front and back, providing caution to nearby drivers that your truck is carrying a lot of weight.

You need to see if this escort service is needed in addition to an overweight permit. That will depend on where you're traveling to and how big the cargo is that you're hauling to a target destination. You can consult with a professional permit company if you need further insights on this matter.

If you accepted a trucking gig that involves a lot of weight, getting an overweight permit may be an important regulatory step to take before getting started. Look at meaningful protocols for getting these permits and then you shouldn't have to wait very long to get approved and then go about your way.


23 February 2022

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