Taxi Cab Etiquette: 5 Things A Passenger Should Never Do


Do you behave appropriately inside of a taxi? After hailing a cab, some passengers purposely do things to annoy the driver. However, not every rider is intentionally rude, and many have no idea that their actions aren't making the taxi cab driver's shift any easier. Read on to learn whether you're guilty of doing any of these five rude things after you buckle up.

Unsolicited Driving Advice

"Turn right! This way is faster! Don't forget to stop at that red light! Did you know that the speed limit is only 35 mph here?" Do any of those phrases ever come out of your mouth? If so, you're what's known as a backseat driver -- and the driver probably isn't happy about it. 

It's tempting to instruct drivers what to do, especially since you're footing the bill for the ride. It's really not necessary, though. Most drivers undergo on-the-job training before they are allowed to transport passengers alone, and some companies also run thorough background checks and check for drug use before hiring a driver. 

Engaging in Arguments

Do you enjoy listening to your friends or family members argue? It can be awkward and uncomfortable to hear two people fight, especially if the parties attempt to drag a neutral third party into their argument. It's just as unpleasant for your taxi driver, and listening to you yell on your cell phone -- or at the person next to you -- may make it difficult for the cab operator to focus on the road. 

If you find it difficult to stifle your rage while you're on the road, consider texting or emailing your thoughts to the person you're angry with. You can also draft a handwritten note or simply say, "Hey, I'm in a cab. Let's talk about this issue when I get home". 

Cigarette Smoking

More than 42 million Americans smoke cigarettes. If you happen to be one of them, you might find it difficult to go without a cigarette for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, smoking isn't allowed in every cab. Before you light up, ask the driver if you're sitting in a smoke-free taxi. If cigarettes are off limits in the vehicle you're riding in, you can:

  • Chomp on a stick of gum
  • Guzzle down some bottled water
  • Text a friend about your cravings
  • Play games on your cell phone

These activities may help distract you from the fact that you can't smoke in the cab. The driver will appreciate that you respect the cab's rules, and you can pat yourself on the back for surviving the trip without a cigarette. 

Mess Making

The backseat of a taxi is not your personal trash can. If you bring a snack or beverage into the vehicle, it should exit the vehicle at the same time that you do. Do not leave behind any form of trash, even if it's just a small item. 

Some messes can't be prevented, so don't feel bad if you accidentally track a small amount of dirt or debris into the taxi. The driver understands that you can't control the weather outside. 


Your taxi driver is stuck in a small space with you until you arrive at your desired destination, but that doesn't mean it's the perfect opportunity for you to promote your company's products or share your religious views. Leave a pamphlet or business card behind if you must, but don't spend the ride requesting donations for your fundraiser or talking about how Jesus can save the cabbie's life. It's rude to do those things, and it puts the cab driver in an uncomfortable position. The cabbie may worry that you will complain about his service or refuse to leave a tip if he doesn't react to your solicitation in a favorable manner.

Taxi cab drivers work hard to transport you from Point A to Point B in a safe, stress-free manner. Show the driver that you appreciate the ride by being on your best behavior until you exit the vehicle. 


6 October 2014

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