Rent The Right Car For Road Trip Perfection


Road trips are a classic, time-tested way to enjoy a vacation. According to PRNewswire, 89 percent of Americans take summer road trips. That isn't even counting off-season and holiday drives. No matter where you are going or who you are taking with you, one way to make your road trip incredible is to rent the perfect vehicle for your adventure. Here are some excellent transportation rental choices specifically designed for the way you hit the open road.

10 April 2017

Tips for Riding in a Taxi with Your Infant


Whether you're visiting New York, Chicago, or any of the other major metropolitan cities across America, chances are you will jump in a taxi cab at least once to reach your next tourist destination. According to Parents, most states in America, with the exception of California and a few others, do not require you place your infant in a car seat while riding in a taxi. However, just because it isn't breaking the law doesn't mean you shouldn't place your infant's safety above everything else.

24 October 2016

Taxi Cab Etiquette: 5 Things A Passenger Should Never Do


Do you behave appropriately inside of a taxi? After hailing a cab, some passengers purposely do things to annoy the driver. However, not every rider is intentionally rude, and many have no idea that their actions aren't making the taxi cab driver's shift any easier. Read on to learn whether you're guilty of doing any of these five rude things after you buckle up. Unsolicited Driving Advice "Turn right! This way is faster!

6 October 2014